[US] 1-24-20 Training Results

Greetings, ACP!
Today we logged on to Blizzard on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Garrison event. Today’s event was another training session. The mods who were online, Moshi, Kailey #2, Zelly, BSchar, Rockstar, Stevos, and ShadowSaint, all worked together to lead the troops in countless word and emote tactics. Instead of dressing in our regular ACP uniform, we sported our trademark green and strapped jet packs to our backs, hovering in the air as we encouraged the rogues to join us.

We met in the Town to gather some participants, then hiked to the Forest to get things started. After spending some time in the Forest, we took a ride on the hot air balloon to the top of the Tallest Mountain, spamming emotes both on the way there and after we landed. We ended the event at the Cove with a gathering around the campfire to sing our campfire song. Throughout the event, we did experience some rogues who tried to take over the event, but we didn’t let that deter us; we just brought it more. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts put forth by both the mods and troops alike, it was an awesome event, and we thank everyone for coming!

MAX: 28
Brigadier General