[US] Operation Overlord Training [Results]

Wassup ACP Dawn here to hit you with more news about our RECENT events!!!! We had an amazing battle training led by your’s truly (someone not all of us enjoy jk we luv her) Emcee led this training! It was a lot of fun! Make sure to DM @Kailey#4053 in order to receive your clovers! Now to get into recent news Slider has been around lately and has even been bringing light to this huge situation going on with the world right now. Hit up @Emcee🌙#7777 for more battle tips and for a FREE in real life picture of her wearing a roman helmet! In some random news I guess you guys want Slider as commander? That’s a bit wild… What about CSY. :(. Honestly ACP this week has been amazing and I want you all to remember you guys are EACH a piece of this army and are keeping us up. Make sure to practice with your tactics and all that fun stuff. Anyway be prepared for our battle with RPF 4/11/20 we hope to see you all there! 
The max for the event was 25+
Clover and Puffles sounds kinda nice tonight…

We do b angry doe

We stan Emcee

Hmm who knows…
Lieutenant General Dawnables
March on. ACP!