[UK] Winter Collection Fashion Show – Results!


Hey ACP! Today we logged on Bunny Hill, CPArmies for our Winter Collection Fashion Show! We did a lot of fun tactics! Today we had 4 fashion show winners! We were able to max 40! Continue reading

[AUSIA] Climate Change Protest – Results!

Hey guys! Today we logged on 1-bar server Sleet (which became 2 bar coz of our size hehe) for our AUSIA event in which we protested against the Climate Change and held our umbrella’s high up to save from rain.. We had a lot of fun in the event and Thanks to you guys for showing up to event!!  Comment if you came !

MAX- 40

Thanks For coming to the event guys!! If u missed the event don’t worry we have another event today check #events for more information… and we have a big battle tomorrow wit n the Water Vikings so make sure to checkout #battle-schedule  for more info ! Till then enjoy see you in next event!

Major General – Cube aka Cubeoid