[UK] Invasion of Olympus – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today, our UK Division logged on for an invasion of the server Olympus on the CPAWL Map. The invasion was a success, and Olympus is now ours!

Max: 38

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[AUSIA] Night of The Living Sled – Results!

Hey guys! Today we logged on to 1-Bar Server Crystal for our AUSIA Night of The Living Sled Event! It was a Mod-Lead event leaded by Cubeoid thanks to Chicken and Csy for saving in starting . We were dressed as sled and had a lot of fun in the event!! Comment if you came!

MAX- 36

Thanks for coming !! If you missed the event don’t worry we have a UK event today too checkout #events
Also Make sure to React in #battle-schedule for the upcoming battle in ACES OF AUSIA TOURNEY with RR 

Major General – Cubeoid

[US] Practice Battle Vs. Water Vikings- Results!

Heya, ACP

Today our amazing US division logged onto Club Penguin Armies for a fun Practice Battle against our amazing allies the Water Vikings! Both sides did really well but there can only be one winner and that is… The Army of CP! with a score of 2-0-1! So proud of you guys, and thank you so much to Water Vikings for this amazing practice battle.

Max: 39

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