ACP Secret Santa 2020

Hey ACP!

We are excited to announce the first ever Secret Santa for the ACP community!

Whether you’re a literary genius, or you just want to write a cute message to someone; a seasoned artist, or a beginning hobbyist, the Christmas spirit is about the kind wishes, and the gift of giving.

How does this work?

If you’ve never heard of Secret Santa before, what happens is that participants sign up, and are each randomized a name. The name randomized will be who you’re giving a gift to – and of course, someone will get your name, so they’ll be in charge of giving you a gift.

What can I give?

Anything you can think of! You can doodle a drawing, make a card (electronic or IRL, but please send pictures and don’t give out addresses!!), write a letter, a short story, or a poem. If you really want to, you can send a small gift, such as Discord Nitro (Classic), a Steam game, or something like that. (Please don’t feel obliged to buy things though – it feels much better to receive something that took time and effort to create!)

Who can apply?

Whatever rank you are, whether you’re a vet, or an ally, or a friendly visitor, everyone is free to apply.

Important Dates

Signups – December 18th to December 21st
Matching – by Dec 22nd
Give your gifts by – Dec 25th

Signup Form

Copy and paste the sign up form and enter your details below in the comments section!

Discord Tag:
Are you able to create something for your Secret Santa recipient by the 25th Dec, 2020?
Tell us a bit more about what you like:


Name: CSY
Discord Tag:  CSYkellington#1170
Are you able to create something for your Secret Santa recipient by the 25th Dec, 2020? Yes
Tell us a bit more about what you like: Pokemon and Marvel are my two biggest interests outside of CPA

This is just the beginning of a fun-filled week we have coming up! Happy Holidays to all!

Please DM me CSYkellington#1170 if you have any questions

ACP Leader

[AUSIA] Mod Lead Operation: Pyjama Party!- Results!

Heya, ACP

Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Sanya Mod Lead! We had tons of fun and funny word tactics with the amazing stuffie costume! and shout out to tina!! :O hehehe annie is still a potato 😀 and tinas cat is cute! and we did amazing!! we were able to max 42!

Max: 42

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