[UK] Final Flash Event

Hello ACP

Today, we hosted our final flash event, where we marched around the entire CPR, visiting each room one by one as we reminisced important events of the past – such as PLT vs HF in the hidden lake; Docks OT room in Holiday Championships; Inside Mine as our favorite start room… eventually ending in the Box Dimension, awaiting Plok to take Flash away…

Max: 61

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[Flash Nemesis War] Invasion of Mittens and Final AUSIA of Flash/2020 – Success

Today we ended our war with SWAT by winning once again and sealing it with a score of 7-0. SWAT decided not to show up which allowed us to explore the Frosty CPPS and it was a lot of fun. This event was also our last AUSIA event after a long and successful year. Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported the ACP AUSIA today and over the past year.

Max: 35

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